Matthew Knowles confirms birth of Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins

Did you feel it? The sky recently (allegedly) gave way to the ninth and 10th wonders of the world. (Blue Ivy is the eighth, obviously.)

According to reports, Beyonce has finally given birth to a set of twins. While neither the pop culture icon nor her mogul husband, Jay Z, have made public statements about the additions to their family, Beyonce’s father did post a confirmation of sorts to his Instagram early Sunday.

“Happy birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad,” it reads with the caption “They’re here!”

CNN also reports confirmation through a source close to the couple. 

That being said, just a day before Beyonce’s father’s post, her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, posted an Instagram of her own from New York City with her husband, Richard. 

“God lets things happen in his time not ours! Don’t try to rush him!” it reads in part. 

Some speculate that this is a message to world that the twins in fact have not yet descended from the heavens. After all, Mama Tina would know.

Baby watch continues.

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